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Batch Repair Order Entry

Bulk or batch entry of new repair orders is made easy with the batch repair order entry process of AYS Repair Center. Once the initial order is entered, subsequent orders can be entered with minimal additional information.


Using the Setup menu, go to Module Options and choose the module required. For example, for new orders, choose the Repair Order Module. Within the settings list, select “Fields to Copy when Adding Multiple Repair Orders” and check fields that should be copied for each new repair order.

Fields to Copy When Adding Multiple Repair Orders

Fields to Copy When Adding Multiple Repair Orders

Batch Order Entry

Open the Repair Order module and select ‘New’ to start a new order. First, enter all the information that will be common to all orders in the batch, and which matches the ‘fields to copy’ setup done previously. On this first order, enter any information that is unique, e.g. serial number. When completed, select ‘Save/New’. This will record the first order and open a form for the next with all common data already entered. Repeat the process for all new orders in the batch.

Barcode Entry

If a single field such as serial number needs to be entered for each order, using a barcode reader can speed up the process.  Select the “Scan Mode” at the bottom of the Repair Orders browse screen and use your scanner to enter items quickly.

AYS Batch Scanning Mode

Batch Scanning Mode

Rentals and Loaners

AYS Repair Centre assists you in operating a rental business or providing loaner equipment to customers during repairs.

The Warranty Card module is designed to record customer-owned equipment that is covered by a warranty.  However it can also be used to track customer equipment that is owned, rented or loaned.  For this purpose it may be beneficial to rename the module for ‘Rentals and Loaners’.

Updating your AYS Repair Center

Getting a New Licence:

If you have an existing AYS licence, then for any future purchase, such as a new user or an upgrade, we will issue a new licence file by e-mail.

Upgrading Your License Version:

If you have installed the latest version of AYS from our download page, follow the instructions in the email included with the license file.  You can also see a tutorial here.

The database and any settings you have are not affected, however, as with any software, you may want to ensure that there is a recent backup of the database before proceeding.

If you have additional employees, you can set up their user IDs at any time on the existing system. The licence only affects the number of people simultaneously logged in.

For more information on licensing, see: How do AYS licenses work?

Business Setup

Most of the setup to suit your business is done through configuration and settings within the program.  Features include:
  • add your business logo to appear on all sales orders, repair orders, invoices, purchase orders, etc. (your business name will be encoded into the licence at purchase and is not editable).
  • add your business contact information: multiple locations can be setup; multiple business names are available and can also be included at purchase time.
  • set up business parameters: taxes, exemptions, discounts, markups, inventory level requirements
  • set up user security: create user IDs as needed, each with individual view/edit privileges
  • set up view/browse windows: view and sort columns, rename fields, determine default module and view settings
  • set up communications: internet, e-mail, fax, sms; automated notices upload and reporting
  • repair statuses: assign repair status as required by your operational needs
  • custom names for fields:  modify existing names, assign use of Reference fields as required
  • assign Service Codes, Package Codes as required to address repetitive job activity
  • set up standard notes to be applied, such as terms and conditions, common repair situations, etc.
  • dropdown lists (e.g. make, model) can be populated at any time, usually by capturing data that has been entered into recent orders (i.e. you can enter a new ‘make’ in an order and then add it to the dropdown later)
We do offer additional customization where required should there be a need for modified or new forms and reports, or where interaction with an existing system may require a specific utility.  Specific needs are addressed on a custom basis and will be quoted separately, and will be completed after purchase.
Additional features requests can also be entertained and will be prioritized along with current feature rollout.  We will accelerate reasonable feature requests on a shared cost basis.

Free Trial Download

Downloading the evaluation copy:

You can download and install an evaluation copy of AYS Repair Centre from here. This unlicensed version is the full program and serves as your working installation once you purchase a license.

The evaluation is available for 60 days and allows you to change settings, enter repairs and other records, view or print forms and reports, as well as import or export data. The trial database is limited to 200 records, or you can create your own.