Batch Repair Order Entry

Bulk entry of new repair orders is made easy with the batch order entry process of AYS Repair Center. Once the initial order is entered, subsequent orders can be entered with minimal additional information.

Setup: Using the Setup menu, go to Module Options and choose the module required. For example, for new orders, choose the Repair Order Module. Within the settings list, select fields to copy and check items which meed to be replicated. Typically this would be the customer contact information, or possibly the make/model data.

Batch Order Entry: Open the Repair Order module and select ‘New’ to start a new order. First, enter all the information that will be common to all orders in the batch, and which matches the ‘fields to copy’ setup done previously. On this first order, enter any information that is unique, e.g. serial number. When completed, select ‘Save/New’. This will record the first order and open a form for the next with all common data already entered. Repeat the process for all new orders in the batch.

Barcode Entry: If a single field such as serial number needs to be entered for each order, using a barcode ode reader can speed up the process.