Interoperation With Other Systems

At Your Service Repair Center can work together with your other enterprise systems, you can generate reports, import and export data, and directly integrate to the database.

AYS Repair Center can provides a complete self-contained repair management system for the small to medium sized business.

However, you may have a larger operation, or an operation where there are non-repair activities.  AYS Repair Center can also interoperate with existing systems to give you the tools you need to completely manage your business at the level you require.

  1. A wide range of reports are included to provide management with data which can be viewed, printed, emailed directly from within AYS, or exported to a file such as .csv or Excel.
  2. An import/export facility allows you to create data files (in a number of formats such as .csv or Excel) manually at any time, automatically when regularly scheduled, or based on changes in status of any repair in the system.
  3. Direct access to the .ays database from other systems is possible. We can provide the information required for other systems to build utilities that will access the AYS data directly.
AYS Versions: 3.4