Getting Started with AYS Repair Center

The following are a few steps you should take to get started with a new AYS Repair Center installation

Business Location

Create a business location to identify your business. The business location shows the physical address and assigns number ranges (for repair orders, invoices, etc.) and applicable taxes.

Multiple business locations can be used for physical locations or for business segments to allow for separate management and reporting. Users can be assigned to a single location or all locations. Inventory can be assigned to a single location or shared.


Import any existing lists of makes, models, inventory (including pricing), technicians, marketing methods, etc.

In many cases, these lists will populate drop down menus within repair orders. Any new data entered into repair orders can be captured for use in drop down lists, ensuring consistency in entries. Entered items can be edited before adding to drop down lists.


User Security allows you to assign user IDs and privileges to view/edit each module. These user IDs can be individuals, departments or functions, password protected and each with an activity log. For technicians, the technician name can be associated with a short code, allowing for quick filtering of records. Once set, the technician view will always open only to matching records.

Customers and Vendors

While many ‘walk-in’ customers can be handled by using a default ‘miscellaneous’ category, assigning a customer account opens up additional features within the system.

A Customer or Vendor account allows the system to track and manage repair records, monitor customer balances and produce statements for bulk orders. A Customer record enables the use of Warranty Cards by associating equipment with a customer. You can create customer groups for different classes, such as consumer, business, preferential clients, etc. for discounts or to assign default activities such as a deposit or assessment fee applied to each order.

Create a vendor account to handle any external repairs or for billing purposes for warranty work.

AYS Versions: 3.4