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Automated Notifications

In addition to the online Repair Status Lookup, AYS Repair Center enables you to communicate directly with your customers through automatic notifications triggered by repair status changes.  You can also use this functionality internally, automatically sending messages to your assigned technicians when work is available to them.

You can use email, SMS text messages, and fax.

Online Repair Status Lookup

Repair Status Lookup is an optional software module that will upload repair status data either to the AYS servers (as an annual hosting service) or to your own servers (as a one-time cost).  In either case the data may be accessed via your own website, although you can customize the look, feel and capability of the pages only if you host it on your own site.

The software generates a basic web page that provides online repair status lookup in two ways.  Here is some sample data to see the software’s capability:

Single-Record Lookup

Go to http://www.repairstatus.net/demo
Enter “Our Repair Order No”: 12
Enter “Your Reference No”: B012
Click “Check Repair Status”

Multiple-Record Lookup

Go to http://www.repairstatus.net/demo/aysmultisearch.htm
Enter “Customer Number”: 5
Enter “Password”: apple
Click “Check All Repairs”
Click the “more info” buttons to view repair details.

In your AYS installation, the heading information will be automatically replaced by your company name and logo, if you provide one.

For more detailed information on repair status lookup data, see the AYS online guide here.  This information on the data format can help your web developer and designer to integrate the repair status data into your existing company website.