What happened to AYS version 4.0?

This article discusses the evolution of AYS program versions.

The first version of At Your Service – Repair Center software was released in January 2000. We released new versions every year or two with version numbering such as 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.

By the time of our version 3.4 release, we had over 1000 requests from our customers for new features that they would like to see integrated into the software. However, we were unable to accommodate many of those requests because we were limited by the previous internal architecture of the software.

It was like trying to increase the size of an old couch by adding a wooden chair at either end.

Old Couch

Instead, what was needed was to strip the covering from the couch, rebuild the frame from the inside, and then recover the couch again.

New Couch

That is exactly what we have been doing with AYS. Our original plan was to release the complete overhaul as version 4.0. However, with nearly half a million lines of programming code, it was decided that it made more sense to release the new features incrementally in order to minimize the learning curve of revised features and to minimize the potential for bugs.

After releasing an interim version 3.5, AYS version 2020 was released in July 2020. Our goal is now to provide a new release approximately every month as we roll out the new features and program enhancements that were originally developed for version 4.0.

Initially, many of those releases will be enhancements to the internal program framework, as well as improved support for newer technology (e.g. newer versions of operating systems, databases, QuickBooks, etc.) Further releases will include a modernized user interface, a facelift to printed and electronic communication, as well as dozens of new business functions requested by our users.

If you are licensed for AYS version 2020 then you will have access to all new program features that are added in the 2020 July through December releases. If you are licensed for AYS version 2021 then you will have access to all new program features that are added in the 2021 January through December releases, and so on.

Even if your license is not up-to-date, we encourage you to install the latest service pack to take advantage of bug fixes that are included in the monthly releases. Download and install the latest AYS service pack now if you have not already done so. And be sure to enable the option to check for monthly updates from the Help menu.

Click here for a detailed history of what was updated in each service pack including feature additions and bug fixes.