When will AYS version 4.0 be released?

This article discusses the progress on the upcoming release of version 4.0.

We are working on our first major overhaul of At Your Service – Repair Center software since it was first released in January 2000. There have been 18 major releases since then as well as countless minor updates. The last major release was version 3.5 in May 2019.

We presently have over 1000 requests from our customers for new features that they would like to see integrated into the software. However, we were previously unable to accommodate many of these requests because we were limited by the previous internal architecture of the software.

It was like trying to increase the size of an old couch by adding a wooden chair at either end.

Old Couch

Instead, what is needed is to strip the covering from the couch, rebuild the frame from the inside, and then recover the couch again.

New Couch

That is exactly what we have been doing with AYS. However, to do it right (and without numerous bugs) takes time. And so far, nearly half a million lines of programming code. Therefore we appreciate your patience as we work hard to finish version 4.0.

While you are waiting for version 4.0, we have been continuing to add new features to version 3.4 and 3.5 such as the following:

For more details of all of the updates see What’s New as well as the complete update history.

As we have been receiving many emails and phone calls asking about the progress of version 4.0, we are providing below a progress chart showing you how close we are to completing the hundreds of modules that make up this new release. This progress chart will be updated every Friday.