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How do I install a tethered digital camera to work with AYS?

Most modern digital cameras can be tethered to your local computer such that when each picture is taken, the digital photo file is automatically transferred to a target folder on your computer. The AYS program can then automatically attach them to service/repair orders and other records. The following information will assist you in installing and configuring your digital camera to work with AYS.

How to Configure Microsoft SQL Server Express for AYS

SQL Server Express can be used instead of larger deployments of SQL Server, depending on your company’s requirements.

Database configuration and setup described in this article can be followed, but by default, the server is not accessible over the network. Follow these steps to make the server visible so that you can connect to and configure the server from another workstation on the network.


At Your Service Software, Inc. will not provide support for installing or administering SQL Server on your hardware and network. Please consult a local IT service provider and/or Microsoft for this service.