Online Solutions for Customers and Dealers

At Your Service Repair Centre can integrate into an online environment and allows you to provide high quality and efficient service to your customers and dealers.

AYS Repair Centre supports:

  • Online Repair Order Entry
  • Online Repair Status Lookup
  • Repair Status Notification
  • Scheduled Data Imports and Exports

Online Repair Order Entry

AYS provides the features to enable your business to integrate self-serve online repair order entry into your website. Create a web form to capture your customer’s data and send it as a formatted email.  AYS can then collect and import this information into your working database.

AYS import routines allow your customers to create a repair order record and even generate their own customer account. You can configure AYS to return an email to the customer to confirm the data they have entered.

For more details see our online guide here.

Online Repair Status Lookup

Your customers can easily access the latest status of their repair jobs using the AYS Repair Status lookup service. You can thus provide improved customer service and reduce the workload of your staff having to respond to frequent customer queries for repair job information.

This is an optional software module that uploads repair order status information and a basic web interface to a web host.  This can either be sent to the AYS servers (as an annual hosting service) or copied to your own servers (as a one-time cost).  In either case the data may be accessed via your own website.

For more details see Online Repair Status Lookup.

Repair Status Notification

You can configure AYS to automatically generate messages to customers, technicians and others based on the status of an order.  This can be used to confirm an initial order, to deliver an estimate or an invoice, or provide a notification for any of the repair statuses you configure in the AYS system.

For more details see our online guide here.

Scheduled Data Imports and Exports

AYS can generate and export data files in one of several common formats to a website, network location or other application.  Your data can then be presented, accessed or integrated with other applications and systems.

Do you need information in AYS from another application or system?  AYS can also regularly import and update data from files you make available.