Where can I download an older installer package for earlier versions of AYS?

A complete program installer package (.msi) is available for the last service pack of each program version from version 2.5 onward.

However, we recommend that you always install the latest AYS service pack to ensure that you have the newest features and resolutions to any reported issues. An older AYS license will still work with a newer program version.


At Your Service Software, Inc. provides support only for the latest AYS program installer package and service pack, and does not provide support for earlier versions of AYS. If you are running into an issue with an older version of AYS then the first step of resolution will always be to install the latest program installer package and/or service pack.

AYS version 20.7.000 installer package:    setupays202107000.msi     July 27, 2021

AYS version 20.5.000 installer package:    setupays202105000.msi     June 2, 2021

AYS version 20.4.000 installer package:    setupays202104000.msi     April 28, 2021

AYS version 20.3.000 installer package:    setupays202103000.msi     April 14, 2021

AYS version 20.2.001 installer package:    setupays202102001.msi     February 25, 2021

AYS version 20.1.000 installer package:    setupays202101000.msi     February 2, 2021

AYS version 20.10.002 installer package:  setupays202010002.msi     November 26, 2020

AYS version 20.8.001 installer package:    setupays202108001.msi     September 14, 2020

AYS version 20.7.004 installer package:    setupays202007004.msi     August 26, 2020

AYS version 20.6.000 installer package:    setupays202006000.msi     June 26, 2020

AYS version 3.5.005 installer package:     setupays35005.msi     April 22, 2020

AYS version 3.4.070 installer package:     setupays34070.msi     August 10, 2018

AYS version 3.3.034 installer package:     setupays33034.msi     July 13, 2012

AYS version 3.2.023 installer package:     setupays32023.msi     August 2, 2011

AYS version 3.1.209 installer package:     setupays31209.msi     August 28, 2010

AYS version 3.0.018 installer package:     setupays30018.msi     February 4, 2009

AYS version 2.7.024 installer package:     setupays27024.msi     April 1, 2008

AYS version 2.6.019 installer package:     setupays26019.msi     June 25, 2007

AYS version 2.5.030 installer package:     setupays25030.msi     July 18, 2006