End of Support for AYS Version 3.4 software

After February 28, 2023, the AYS version 3.4 program installation will no longer be supported. This is what it will mean for you and your license.

Version 3.4 of At Your Service software was released in August 2012 and is now more than 10 years old, therefore after February 28, 2023 we will be discontinuing support for the version 3.4 program installation.

Please note

This only applies to support for the program installed, and not the program installation itself or the license.

You can choose one of the following options after this date:

OPTION 1: Make no changes at all. If you choose to do nothing, then your currently installed software will continue to function as-is with no changes. Your license will continue to function with this version. If you encounter issues, crashes, or database corruption we cannot support you unless you choose one of the next two options.

OPTION 2: Download and install the latest service pack for free from our web site here. Your existing license will apply to this version and enable the functionality you had in the previous installation, as well as some new functionality and all bug fixes. We can provide technical support if you have issues using this installed version, according to our rates as explained here. Major new features that were added in version 3.5 and later will be disabled or unavailable.

OPTION 3: Purchase an upgrade to the latest license version. If you purchase a license to the latest version, and install the latest installer, you will get all of the latest released features, updates and support included with that license. A license upgrade includes 30 days of included support and additional support is available according to our rates as explained here. If you wish to request a quote to upgrade your license, please contact [email protected].

For a list of major features added to AYS over time, you can see the overview here and details in our knowledge base:

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AYS Editions: All
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