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Error trying to access QuickBooks

When importing or exporting to QuickBooks, you may encounter one of a few errors preventing you from starting QuickBooks, such as:

  • Error -2147220472 trying to access QuickBooks
  • The logged in user in QuickBooks is not the Administrator in single-user mode.

This article will explain how to resolve this issue.

How to Configure MySQL for AYS

Specific MySQL server permissions are necessary for AYS users to access the data and run reports. Some additional permissions may be necessary for those that administer the AYS database on the server. This article will assist you in configuring the security on MySQL for both of these cases.

How to Configure Microsoft SQL Server Express for AYS

SQL Server Express can be used instead of larger deployments of SQL Server, depending on your company’s requirements.

Database configuration and setup described in this article can be followed, but by default, the server is not accessible over the network. Follow these steps to make the server visible so that you can connect to and configure the server from another workstation on the network.


At Your Service Software, Inc. will not provide support for installing or administering SQL Server on your hardware and network. Please consult a local IT service provider and/or Microsoft for this service.