Error trying to access QuickBooks

When importing or exporting to QuickBooks, you may encounter one of a few errors preventing you from starting QuickBooks, such as:

  • Error -2147220472 trying to access QuickBooks
  • The logged in user in QuickBooks is not the Administrator in single-user mode.

This article will explain how to resolve this issue.

If you attempt to connect to Quickbooks without it running on the local machine, you may see one of the following errors.

To resolve this, you will have to delete and recreate the application access AYS has within your QuickBooks company.

First, switch to Single-user mode in QuickBooks and then select Edit – Preferences. Select “Integrated Applications” and choose the tab “Company Preferences”.

If At Your Service is already listed in this dialog, select it and click “Remove“.

Now, without closing QuickBooks, return to At Your Service and choose Export – To QuickBooks – Export Options. Now, click “Get Company File from QuickBooks“. You should see a dialog show up on QuickBooks that looks similar to this. As shown, select “Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running“.

Another dialog will pop up, to confirm that you want to log in to QuickBooks from another application. Choose “Yes

Now you can switch back to multi-user mode in QuickBooks and At Your Service should now allow you to import and export data from your QuickBooks company without having to keep QuickBooks running.

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