Trend Micro antivirus software quarantines AYS software with a false positive

Trend Micro antivirus software may quarantine AYS software executable files with a false positive indicating the potential threat as Unauthorized File Encryption.

This issue apparently occurs when the “Ransomware Protection” settings are enabled under “Malware Behavior Settings” in the Trend Micro software. Other software companies have also reported similar false positives when this feature is enabled. To resolve this issue please try one of the following resolutions:

Resolution 1: The false positive was reported to Trend Micro (case ID 02429703) and they have since classified AYS software as “certified safe” and “whitelisted.” Installing the latest Trend Micro software and virus list updates should resolve this issue.

Resolution 2: Under “Behavior Monitoring Settings” select the “Exceptions” tab and add all files with the extension .exe from the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\At Your Service (or your installation folder) to the exceptions list.

Resolution 3: Under “Behavior Monitoring Settings” select the “Rules” tab and disable “Ransomware Protection” settings.