Rentals and Loaners

The Warranty Card module is designed to record customer-owned equipment that is covered by a warranty.  However it can also be used to track customer equipment that is owned, rented or loaned.  For this purpose it may be beneficial to rename the module for ‘Rentals and Loaners’.

Any inventory item that has a serial number associated with it may be assigned a ‘Warranty Card’. This establishes the item as belonging to a ‘Customer’. To maintain an inventory of items that are available, these may, for example, be assigned to a Customer called ‘Loaners’.


If an item is required for rental, it may be ‘Picked’ from inventory into a Sales Order.  Additional items to be added to the Sales Order, such as a rental charge, may be set up as ‘Service Codes’ so as to be added easily.  The Warranty Card has an expiry date that may be set to the term of the rental so that the system will generate reminders when the rental renewal is due.


When a Repair Order is created, an item may be ‘Picked’ from inventory to serve as a loaner during the repair period.  Additional items such as a deposit, or a non-return fee may be set up to be automatically added to the Repair Order.  These items will remain on the order until the repair is completed and the loaner returned, at which time the appropriate Repair Invoice is created.

AYS Versions: 3.4