Rentals and Loaners

AYS Repair Center can assist you in operating a rental business or providing loaner equipment to customers during repairs.

You can use the Warranty Card module to manage this equipment.

The Warranty Card module is designed to record customer-owned equipment that is covered by a warranty.  However it can also be used to track customer equipment that is owned, rented or loaned.  For this purpose you may wish to rename the module ‘Rentals and Loaners’ using the Custom Captions ability in AYS.

Any inventory item that has a serial number associated with it may be assigned a ‘Warranty Card’.  This establishes the item as belonging to a ‘Customer’.  To maintain an inventory of loaner items, you can assign these items to a Customer called ‘Loaners’.

To provide an item for rental, first create a Sales Order.  On the detail lines, click the Inventory button to locate the rental item.  Click “Pick To…” to add that item to the Sales Order.

If you have additional items like a rental charge, you can add these to the Sales Order using Service Codes to save you time and effort with your data entry.

Then you can just create or edit the Warranty Card for that item and set the expiry date to the end date of the rental and AYS will generate a reminder for you when the renewal or return of the item is due.

Your customers may require a loaner item while their product is being repaired.  On the details of a Repair Order, you can use the Inventory button to locate and “Pick” the item to the Repair Order details.  The cost of the inventory item will be added to the Repair Order to secure the value of your inventory.  When the item is repaired and the loaner returned, you can simply remove the loaner item from the Repair Order details and it will return to your inventory.

If you have other costs like a deposit or loaner fee, you can also add these to the detail lines of the Repair order.  If the cost is refundable, you can remove the line item before closing the Repair Invoice, or if it is not refundable it will be included in the cost due from your customer.  If you have a number of individual line items that go with each loaner, consider using a Service Code to simplify your data entry.

AYS Versions: 3.4
AYS Editions: All
Operating Systems: All
Databases: All