Can AYS run on Mac OS X?

AYS was designed to work on Microsoft Windows operating systems and is not officially supported on Mac OS X operating systems.

However, AYS can be run on an Apple desktop computer running a Mac OS X operating system by using one of the following methods:

AYS is not compatible with emulated Windows environments on Mac OS X (such as CrossOver Mac).

Microsoft Access databases may be hosted on an Apple computer configured with Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) file sharing.


While AYS may run on non-Windows operating systems and file systems, this is not officially supported by At Your Service Software, Inc. The compatibility of these products may vary over time, and At Your Service Software, Inc. cannot warrant that they will consistently function like a native Windows installation. Your results may vary.

AYS has not been tested on Mac OS X operating systems earlier than version 10.6 Snow Leopard.

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