How do I remove AYS branding from communication that is generated by AYS?

AYS branding was removed from all emails, faxes, and from the automatically-generated repair status web site in September 2011 for licensed users of version 3.3 and higher.

A note was formerly added to the bottom of all emails and faxes that were automatically generated by AYS to let the recipient know where the email was coming from. Additionally, the automatically-generated repair status web site formerly had a note at the bottom indicating that it was generated by AYS. If you have a license that is older than version 3.3 then the AYS branding will continue to appear, even if you install a newer service pack.

There is also a copyright notice at the lower-right corner of many standard AYS forms which may not be removed. When one of those forms is significantly changed by AYS as a paid custom programming project, then the copyright notice may optionally be removed on that customized form.

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