How do I compact an AYS database while the Internet Utility is running?

Microsoft Access databases have a tendency to bloat in size over time and should therefore be periodically compacted to maintain the best possible performance. In order to compact the database, all users must be logged out of the database, including the AYS Internet Utility.

To compact an AYS database, execute the following steps:

Step 1: If the AYS Internet Utility is running as a service, then stop the service.

Step 2: Close the AYS Internet Utility user interface, if it is running. (Do not just minimize to the Windows system tray.)

Step 3: Ensure that all other users have closed the main AYS program.

Step 4: Log in to the main AYS program as an AYS program administrator.

Step 5: With all windows closed, select File > Repair > Repair and Compact Database from the main menu. Follow the prompts.

Step 6: If applicable, restart the AYS Internet Utility and then restart the AYS Internet Utility service.