MySQL Client Setup

The following is how to connect from a desktop to an existing MySQL server on your network.

Note for AYS versions 3.5 and later

As of version 3.5 of AYS, including the DSN Data Source method as described below, you can now use SQL login to connect to MySQL database servers.

You must use the 32-bit ODBC administrator to create a new DSN that will connect to MySQL.  The simplest way to do so is to create a new MySQL database.

File - New Database - Empty MySQL Database...
Create a New MySQL Database

When the dialog box comes up, select “Create/Edit 32-Bit DSNs from the drop down list.

Create/Edit 32-bit DSNs
Click to open the Microsoft ODBC DSN settings dialog

On the ODBC dialog, select “System DSN” to make the DSN available to all users on the machine.

ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit)
Microsoft ODBC Dialog

Click “Add”.  You will be prompted to select a MySQL driver.  Choose the recommended version.

Create New Data Source - MySQL ODBC driver
Select the recommended MySQL driver

Enter all of your local information into the DSN dialog box.  It is important to select the database name from the list.  If you do not do so, then AYS will still function but Crystal Reports will not run correctly.

MySQL Connector/ODBC Data Source Configuration
MySQL ODBC Configuration dialog