Free Trial Download

Downloading the evaluation copy:

You can download and install an evaluation copy of AYS Repair Centre from here. This unlicensed version is the full program and serves as your working installation once you purchase a license.

The evaluation is available for 60 days and allows you to change settings, enter repairs and other records, view or print forms and reports, as well as import or export data. The trial database is limited to 200 records, or you can create your own.

Viewing the sample database:

The downloaded evaluation copy includes a sample database to help you view how the program may be used in a real life situation, in this case a camera shop.

The program should automatically open the database to the Repair Orders module to allow you to view the records. If not, choose from the ‘Modules’ menu. From there, you may choose to view any other module (Customers, Sales Orders, Inventory, Purchase Orders, etc.).

To search for information you can enter data into the first line of the window (the filter line) and the view will be filtered down to only the matching records. Double click any record to view details or begin editing.

Starting your own database:
You can clear the evaluation data by closing its database and starting your own.

The program will always open to the database that is ‘attached’, in this case the sample file. To remove this data and start your own, make sure that all browse windows are closed (so that you have a blank screen except for the menu bar). Simply go to the File menu and click on ‘Close Database’, then return to the File menu and select ‘Create New Database’. You will need to create a new AYS Microsoft Access version database and choose where you want to store the file.

Common data such as Makes, Models, Categories, etc., can be imported from the Import menu command, or entered manually. Manual entries can be stored in the drop down lists by selecting Setup->Lists or Setup->Makes and Models.

This new database will remain attached to the program until you choose to close it. Any settings or records entered will also be retained for future use once you decide to purchase a license.

Choosing your Edition:

At Your Service Repair Centre is a single program that can be configured into several Editions. By default, the downloaded evaluation copy is configured as the Repair Standard Edition, which is the most popular version. This includes all the features available, and operates using a Microsoft Access database.

You may configure the program to operate as a Repair LITE Edition, to evaluate whether this fits your needs. As a more economical edition, it has a limited set of features and modules. See the Edition Comparison for details.

A Repair Enterprise Edition is also available. Operationally this has the same features as the Repair Standard Edition, but operates on a SQL Server database, and includes management features suited to a large enterprise operation. The Repair Enterprise Edition is suited to high volume applications or systems with more than 10 users.