Choosing Your Repair Centre Edition

AYS Repair Centre is available in several Editions to suit the needs of your business.  The unlicensed trial copy has the ability to switch between all Editions and allow you to evaluate the edition that best fits your requirements.  The license you purchase will determine the Edition that is enabled for your setup.


When you purchase your license you may select from one of the following editions:

  • The Repair Lite Edition provides a simplified, stripped-down feature set.   Suitable for a light repair shop of up to 10 users, it uses the Microsoft Access database engine (included) and helps you efficiently manage a repair centre operation and to create customer accounts, process repair orders and issue sales invoices for parts and equipment.
  • The Repair Standard Edition includes all of the functionality of the Repair Lite edition and adds Purchase Order, Inventory, Warranty Card modules, and many data analysis and work efficiency features for the busy repair centre. You can configure multiple business locations in your database if your business has more than one physical location or business name, or if you would like distinct inventory, customer and repair order groupings.  Suitable for up to 10 users, it also uses the Microsoft Access database engine (included) and helps you fully manage the many details of a repair centre operation.
  • The Repair Enterprise Edition has the same features as the Repair Standard Edition, except that it supports connecting to Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.  This edition is well suited for a higher volume of user activity, when you desire higher performance, if you need to support more than 10 users, or where you prefer to integrate a SQL Server setup.
  • The Retail Standard Edition is for retail stores or repair depots that do not do repairs in-house, but need to track repairs that are sent out to other repair shops. Suitable for up to approximately 10 users, it uses the Microsoft Access Database engine (included) and helps you manage customer accounts, repair orders and warranty cards. It can be configured for multiple business locations that share a single database, and can work with multiple repair vendors and warranty issuers.
  • The Retail Enterprise Edition offers the same features as the Retail Standard Edition, however it also supports Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. It is therefore suitable for a higher volume of user activity or where more than 10 users are required.

You can upgrade license editions at any time, if the needs of your business change.

For a more detailed comparison of all of the features offered by the various editions, please see the Edition Comparison.

To learn more about AYS Repair Centre Licensing, please see “How Do AYS Licences Work?”

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