Are their standard discounts for volume licensing?

Yes. When a license is purchased for two or more users, then there are standard pricing discounts.

If you need to purchase a license for more than one user then there are standard pricing discounts. There are deeper discounts for larger volume licensing.

  • When purchasing the first licensed user (or an edition or version upgrade for that user) then there is no discount.
  • When purchasing additional users (or edition or version upgrades for those users) ¬†then there is always a standard price discount that applies to all of the additional users.
  • There are three levels of standard discounts based on the total number of users. The first discount level is for 2 to 10 users, the second level is for 11 to 20 users, and the third level is for more than 20 users.

For further details on pricing, or to receive a quote, please contact AYS sales.

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