Can I use a newer release of AYS with an older license?

In most cases, yes. If you have an older AYS license then some new AYS features may either be grayed out, or a message may be displayed indicating which license version is required to use that feature. An exception to this is that a newer license version may be required if you have updated your Windows operating system to a newer version.

Updating your Windows operating system

An AYS version 3.1 or higher license is required for compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

An AYS version 3.5 or higher license is required for compatibility with Windows Server 2019.

An AYS version 3.4 or higher license is required for compatibility with all other supported Windows operating systems.

You should always install the latest AYS service pack to ensure that you have the newest features and resolutions to any reported issues.

License file format

Depending on the program version installed, you may need a newer license file format even if the license version you purchased has not changed. See below for details.

License file formats required

  • Program versions 1.0 through 2.7 used an older license.wcs license file format that is now obsolete and no longer supported
  • Program versions 3.0 through 3.4 require a newer license.wcs license file format
  • Program versions 4.0 and higher require a license file with the extension .ayslic

Please contact [email protected] to request an updated license file format.

Reasons to upgrade your license version

There are good reasons to upgrade your AYS license version:

  • Microsoft is constantly upgrading their Windows operating systems and older versions of AYS are not compatible with some of the technologies used in the newer operating systems. Newer licensed versions of AYS are updated to keep pace with these changes and upgrading your license ensures that you have maximum compatibility.
  • New technologies continue to be developed or have come into popular use in mainstream society. A few basic examples are spell-check, SMS text messaging, bar codes and QR codes, and integrated credit/debit card processing. Many of these technologies are expensive to implement and require dozens of hours of research, development, and testing. Upgrading your AYS license version adds support for new technologies like these to your program.
  • Every month we receive numerous feature requests from our customers asking for new features or improvements to existing modules. With every new major version we spend hundreds of hours to implement as may of these new features as possible. While some of these features are released to all users regardless of license version, most of these new features are available only by upgrading your license version.

For a list of new features that have been added with each software update see:

  • The What’s New list (a list of significant feature additions)
  • The Read Me file (includes a list of every major and minor update including bug fixes)