How do I use a barcode reader with AYS?

Characters that are scanned by a barcode reader are entered into the active entry field just as if they were typed from a keyboard. Therefore, anywhere that text can be typed with a keyboard, the same characters can optionally be scanned using a barcode reader.

Most standard barcode readers will work with AYS. While your barcode reader will likely be able to scan many different barcode formats, barcodes printed by AYS are in the Code 39 and QR code formats. Therefore when you select a barcode reader, it is best to select one that includes support for those formats.

You may also find it useful to configure your barcode reader to automatically enter a carriage return or tab character at the end of the scanned data (if your reader supports this feature) so that the cursor automatically advances to the next AYS entry field.

AYS does not presently support the ability to scan multiple barcodes with a remote barcode reader and then later connect and download all of the scanned information.

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