How do I host a Microsoft Access database on Mac OS X?

A Microsoft Access database may be hosted on an Apple desktop computer running a Mac OS X operating system if it is configured with Server Message Block (SMB) file sharing.

For instructions on configuring and troubleshooting SMB file sharing on Mac OS X, please see the Apple Support article: How to connect with File Sharing using SMB.


While AYS may run on non-Windows operating systems and file systems, this is not officially supported by At Your Service Software, Inc. The compatibility of these products may vary over time, and At Your Service Software, Inc. cannot warrant that they will consistently function like a native Windows installation. Your results may vary.


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Some virtual machine products provide their own virtual networking called Shared Folders in order to share the Mac OS X file system (the host operating system) with Microsoft Windows running on the virtual machine (the guest operating system). Do not use Shared Folders to access a Microsoft Access database that is stored on the Mac OS X file system as record locking within AYS will not work correctly.

AYS always works most reliably when Microsoft Access databases are stored on a native Microsoft Windows desktop or server.