Error -2147217900 [SQL Server]CREATE TABLE permission denied

When updating At Your Service – Repair Centre to the latest version, you may come across the above error. This article will help you resolve the issue and upgrade your SQL Server database to the latest version.

The user permissions required as described in this article are the minimum privileges required to access and run AYS. Upgrading the database to the latest version will require additional privileges on the SQL server to avoid the above error. You can solve this in one of two ways:

Grant create privileges to database users

If you wish any of your users to be able to update the database at any point, you can give them the “Create Table” role in the Database User – Securables section of the user properties in SQL Server Management Studio

Add the Create table permission

Update the database as a SQL Server administrator

If you wish to grant limited permissions to all users (also known in security as the principle of least privilege), you do not need to add this permission. However, after any upgrade to AYS you must first log in to SQL Server through AYS using an administrative username and password. If you are using SQL Authentication, this is often the “sa” user. If you are using Windows Integrated Authentication, then you must grant the username you log into Windows with administrative permission on the SQL Server to perform the upgrade task.