Which new features are in At Your Service version 2020?

The following new features and bug fixes were released in At Your Service version 2020. See also new features added in At Your Service version 2021.

Version 20.10.002 (2020 October Release)

  • Improved startup speed
  • Resolved some user configurations being lost when installing on a virtual or cloud server
  • Moved user configuration settings from Local user folder to Roaming user folder
  • Added splash screen to Internet Utility

Version 20.10.001 (2020 October Release)

  • Resolved various issues with information in About box
  • Added contact information and standard folders section to About box
  • Added privacy policy to license agreement

Version 20.10.000 (2020 October Release)

  • Resolved some program options not saving for users who had upgraded from a version earlier than 2020
  • Resolved tax warnings when updating a customer multiple times in the same import file
  • Improved error message when a computer disconnects from a database due to network issues
  • Improved prevention and handling of circular references in replacement inventory part numbers
  • Enabled setting up multiple business locations in demo mode
  • Importing customer accounts now automatically assigns the country of the province or state if it is not specified
  • Importing vendor accounts now automatically assigns the country of the province or state if it is not specified
  • Marking taxes 1, 2, or 3 as inactive no longer clears the tax name
  • Data uploaded to the repairstatus.net hosting site is now sent via SFTP
  • Files sent to At Your Service Software support for analysis are now sent via SFTP
  • Added import new sales invoices module
  • Added option to disable copying the repair history to repair order private notes
  • Added beta option for taxes to already be included in charges (e.g. VAT)

Version 20.9.000 (2020 September Release)

  • Resolved error opening Setup Communication Options with no database open
  • Resolved repair order contact name dropdown not displaying correctly in the retail editions
  • Added ability to install and view an AYS license file from the File Explorer context menu
  • Program license is now loaded at program startup rather than after the user logs in
  • Verification of Windows OS compatibility now occurs at program startup rather than after the user logs in
  • Verification of monthly subscription now occurs at program startup rather than after the user logs in
  • Check for program version updates now occurs at program startup rather than after the user logs in
  • Moved check for program updates options from Install menu to Help menu
  • Removed License Manager menu option from Install menu
  • Removed Chinese and Japanese code page options from Setup Language submenu
  • Bug reports are now sent directly to At Your Service Software support
  • Repair utility upload messages are now sent directly to At Your service Software support

Version 20.8.001 (2020 August Release)

  • Improved startup and error logging

Version 20.8.000 (2020 August Release)

  • Resolved fax reply email address not saving
  • Updated all AYS program and document icons in File Explorer
  • Moved all user settings previously stored in the Windows registry to shared and user XML registry files
  • Encrypted settings in the XML registry were updated to 128-bit encryption
  • Moved all temporary files to the Windows user Temp folder
  • Moved all log files to C:\ProgramData\At Your Service\Log
  • Internet Utility no longer requires running elevated as Windows administrator to configure communication settings
  • City, province, and country dropdowns are now cached for faster loading
  • Added startup logging option
  • Added many additional settings details to the About information window
  • Added automatic detection of network cards that are configured to sleep after a period of activity causing network disconnects
  • Added automatic detection of Data Execution Prevention configuration for Windows server installs
  • Added improved detection of database corruption
  • Added ability to view and edit AYS text and XML files from the File Explorer context menu
  • MyFax fax service now sends to @send.myfax.com instead of @myfax.com

Version 20.7.004 (2020 July Release)

  • Resolved error on program startup on Windows server 2012R2 and earlier with a license of version 3.3 or earlier
  • Resolved warning appearing when editing any customer or vendor for licenses earlier than version 2.1

Version 20.7.003 (2020 July Release)

  • Resolved error on program startup
  • Resolved error opening setup module options
  • Resolved black background on disabled fields

Version 20.7.002 (2020 July Release)

  • Resolved program endlessly prompting that the license agreement has been updated

Version 20.7.001 (2020 July Release)

  • Resolved initial program update toast being semi-transparent
  • Resolved program update dialogue always listing every update in demo edition

Version 20.7.000 (2020 July Release)

  • Added support for Office 2019 and Office 365
  • Added stylized dialogue windows with ability to copy messages to clipboard
  • Added toast messages
  • Added enhanced About information window
  • Added database size and total records in database to about information
  • Added wildcard tax code (*) that applies to all states and provinces
  • Added support for multiple display monitors
  • Added enhanced check for program updates
  • Added red text and a warning message when entering a replacement inventory part number that does not exist in the inventory
  • Added ability to send messages directly to At Your Service Software support
  • Import window now automatically closes after completing an import

Version 20.6.000 (2020 June Release)

  • Rebranded version 3.5 as version 2020 with monthly updates
  • Resolved automatically attaching scanned documents stripping the file extension
  • Resolved Repair Orders Awaiting Approval report displaying incorrect statuses in the Status filter dropdown
  • Repairing a database now deletes orphaned print file indexes
  • The Send Message window now automatically closes after acknowledging the send result

Version 3.5.005

  • Resolved error backing up a SQL database from the File menu
  • Resolved error searching repair orders by detail line while sorting by Under Warranty column
  • Resolved memory allocation error when saving repair orders to a MySQL database
  • Repair status communication options now highlight in blue when settings are configured
  • Clicking the Printer Options button now fully opens the printer options window for the Windows driver of the selected printer
  • Changed duplicate Customer tab hotkey from Alt+M to Alt+U on edit repair order form

Version 3.5.004

  • Resolved error pasting a part number from a multi-location inventory
  • Resolved error opening the letter or envelope Microsoft Word template
  • Updated the letter and envelope Microsoft Word templates to .dotx format
  • Updated keyboard macros to work better with Windows 10 and newer operating systems
  • Added warning when nearing the 2 GB Microsoft Access file size limit
  • Added program version number to top of all popup messages
  • Added support for newer folder selection dialogue
  • Improved error messages when SQL server users to not have sufficient rights to create views
  • Updated sample online repair order entry PHP file
  • Renamed and relocated various internal files

Version 3.5.003

  • Resolved spurious reporting of corruption in Microsoft Access database system tables
  • Resolved error when opening a MySQL database and no MySQL connector is installed
  • Resolved error 32014 when trying to send to an invalid email address via MAPI
  • Resolved Internet Utility not supporting Windows 2019 server with a version 3.5 license
  • Added support for sending SMS text messages via Clickatell HTTP API
  • Added support for QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2019 and 2020
  • Added support for QuickBooks Enterprise V20
  • Added automatic detection of security database corruption
  • Widened make and model fields on English printed repair forms

Version 3.5.002

  • Resolved error 438 when replicating a repair order in any repair edition
  • Handled error -2147217865 when disconnected from the network
  • Added support for contactless EMV credit card transactions (requires XCharge 8.2 release 2 service pack 1)
  • Added traversing of multiple subfolder levels when automatically attaching photos and scanned documents
  • Added automatic detection of missing indexes from database corruption

Version 3.5.001

  • Resolved error entering a customer contract number longer than 20 characters
  • Resolved error batch printing sales invoices and credit notes from SQL databases
  • Added custom repair status popup messages to program users
  • Added organization of digital photo and document scan attachments into subfolders
  • Added support for HTTPS web links (requires full reinstallation)

Version 3.5.000

  • Made QuickBooks integration native for all standard and enterprise licenses
  • Made repair status hosting on own server native for all standard and enterprise licenses
  • Added support for Windows Server 2019
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL server 2017 and 2019
  • Added support for MySQL server 5.7
  • Added support for MySQL server 8.0 for Linux
  • Added support for MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.16 or greater
  • Added ability to connect directly to a MySQL database using SQL Server authentication
  • Added support for Topaz SigPlus Pro 4.4 (requires full reinstallation)
  • Added support for Topaz SigPlus Pro Tablet for touch-screen signatures (requires full reinstallation)
  • Ended support for MySQL server versions earlier than 5.5
  • Ended support for MySQL Connector/ODBC versions earlier than 5.2.7
  • Ended support for integration with QuickBooks Pro and Premier versions earlier than 2015
  • Ended support for integration with QuickBooks Enterprise versions earlier than V15

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