Which new features are in At Your Service version 2021?

The following new features and bug fixes were released in At Your Service version 2021. More new features will continue to be included with each monthly release.

If you already have version 2021 February release or newer installed, then select Help > Check for Program Update Now to automatically update to the latest version.

Or the latest version can be downloaded here.

Version 21.5.000 (2021 May Release)

  • Resolved error deleting legacy folders
  • Resolved error ordering an inventory part while another user has the purchase order open
  • Resolved error sending faxes via SMTP from the Process Manager fax queue
  • Resolved error when dates earlier than 1900 are entered
  • Resolved SQL databases not displaying the total number of records in the About box if the SQL user has limited rights
  • Opening the Run keystroke macros window when no macros are recorded no longer displays an endless warning message
  • Improved handling of database disconnection errors
  • Added progress indicator while loading printers which can be slow in a remote desktop environment
  • Added 4 additional reference fields to repair orders in the repair standard and repair enterprise editions
  • Increased size of make and model Description field to 120 characters
  • Increased size of repair order Description and serialized accessories Item Description fields to 120 characters
  • Increased size of warranty Description field to 120 characters
  • Modernized formatting on 22 printed reports
  • Clarified field captions in Setup Communication Options

Version 21.4.000 (2021 April Release)

  • Resolved error selecting the inventory location dropdown for a part detail line
  • Resolved error sending SMTP emails from the Process Manager queue
  • Resolved error trying to send a MAPI message using an unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook
  • Resolved error trying to open a document template using an unsupported version of Microsoft Word
  • Resolved error after a failed export to Microsoft Excel
  • Resolved repair labels not automatically printing when saving a repair order
  • Resolved delay displaying the service status when starting the Process Manager user interface
  • Resolved Process Manager log not always displaying multi-line message details
  • Check for program version updates now warns if there will be a database structure update
  • Added response timers to About box items

Version 21.3.000 (2021 March Release)

  • Resolved automatic program version update not installing on the original installation drive
  • Resolved QuickBooks log files not being displayed or printed correctly
  • Significantly improved startup speed
  • Resolved long delay loading printers when there are many network printers available
  • Resolved SMTP email test button on Setup Communications failing when authentication was selected
  • Added date and time to message boxes
  • Repairing a database now deletes orphaned print files correctly
  • Refined startup and error logging
  • Added Install license to Help menu
  • Added View installed license to Help menu
  • Changed hotkey to open knowledge base from Shift+F1 to F1
  • Changed hotkey to open legacy user guide from F1 to Shift+F1

Version 21.2.001 (2021 February Release)

  • Resolved SQL server user ID and password not saving correctly
  • Resolved error saving repair status communication options in SQL databases

Version 21.2.000 (2021 February Release)

Includes a database structure update.

  • Resolved error on program startup
  • Resolved error installing license on a new installation
  • Resolved error creating new file folders on network shares
  • Added automatic program version update installation
  • Audit of ledgers when updating the database version structure is now optional
  • Added Process Manager dashboard to enterprise edition with real-time Process Manager activity monitoring
  • Added Repair Order Statuses dashboard to enterprise edition with real-time repair orders activity monitoring
  • Added Server Load dashboard to enterprise edition with real-time AYS application CPU and memory usage monitoring
  • Added memory usage and if a Windows user is elevated as administrator to About box
  • Added date requested for email merge field
  • Changed hotkey to paste current date from Shift+Ctrl+D to Ctrl+D
  • Changed hotkey to paste current time from Shift+Ctrl+T to Ctrl+T
  • Changed hotkey to paste Unicode text from Shift+Ctrl+B to Shift+Ctrl+P
  • Changed hotkey to open stopwatch from Shift+Ctrl+W to Shift+Ctrl+S
  • Added Shift+Ctrl+D hotkey to open dashboards
  • Improved the speed of saving various settings

Version 21.1.000 (2021 January Release)

  • Pop-up messages now appear on the same monitor as the program
  • Added default make for new repair orders
  • Renamed At Your Service – Internet Utility to At Your Service – Process Manager
  • Added SFTP option to all Process manager FTP uploads
  • Installing, starting, stopping, and uninstalling the Process manager service no longer requires running elevated as administrator
  • Resolved Process Manager service hanging on startup
  • Added splash screen to Internet Utility

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