Which paid support options are available?

Paid support may be purchased on a per-incident basis at the rate of $45 per 15 minutes of support, rounded up to the next 15 minutes.

Paid support may also be purchased as part of a monthly subscription or a yearly support agreement.

All paid support is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the At Your Service Software license agreement.

When you have support issues, we always recommend that you try the following steps:

  • Install the latest AYS service pack to ensure that you have the newest features and resolutions to any reported issues.
  • Search for an answer in the AYS knowledge base.
  • If your issue is still unresolved then contact AYS support for assistance at [email protected] or +1-416-749-3546 extension 301 during regular business hours EST.

Costs for rental agreements, support contracts, and support subscriptions vary depending on the program edition and number of users. For a quote to purchase a support agreement, please contact AYS sales.

If, after opening a support incident, it is determined that the issue is caused by an AYS error, then the charges for that incident will be waived.