What Maintenance is Recommended With An AYS (Microsoft Access) Database?

Microsoft Access databases have a tendency to bloat in size with use over time and should therefore be periodically compacted to maintain the best possible performance. In order to compact the database, all users must be logged out of the database, including the AYS Internet Utility.

Note: If you are running the Internet Utility, additional steps are required.  You can see an expanded version of this document at this KB article.

To compact an AYS database, execute the following steps:

Step 1: Ensure that all other users have closed the main AYS program.

Step 2: Log in to the main AYS program as an AYS program administrator.

Step 3: With all windows closed, select File > Repair > Repair and Compact Database from the main menu. Follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you may use the Database Repair Utility found in the Start menu, under All Programs > At Your Service > Utilities > Database Repair Utility (the path may be slightly different depending on your version of Windows).